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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: It's like any other day on the Apple family farm, except Big Macintosh has stumbled upon something strange in his room and is feeling things he's never felt before. What will he do? Applejack learns a saucy secret about her brother and cousin, and she has to come to terms with her feelings about the whole situation. She wanted to get as many trees done as possible without killing herself so she and Macintosh could take them to the barn.

Applejack dabbed the sweat off her face; for some reason she never sweat as much as her older brother. Maybe it was a gender thing, or the fact that he was a horse really built for hard working. That big stallion could sweat up a storm; you could smell his scent from a mile away! She loved her brother to death, but he needed to take more baths!

And he already took a lot! After a few more trees she took another breath, her heart beating fast and her lungs pumping hard. She might not sweat as much, but she got just as much of that muscle strain. The grass was dry and warm in the sun but cool in the shade.

human!Big Macintosh, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | my little pony

Applejack closed her eyes and sighed, waiting for Big Macintosh to come down the path carting a load of apples. Boy was she tired; she just wanted to lay in her bed and take a nice, long nap. She closed her eyes and just laid down on the grass, relaxing her muscles and sighing softly, imaging she was laying on her soft mattress, pillow, and sheets, the room nice and dark…it was so relaxing and comforting.

This was the life; laying under one of the apple trees, the wind blowing over her face, hair, and back. She was asleep within minutes. Not too long later did Macintosh make his way up to where she was laying under the tree, sleeping peacefully with her hat pulled over her eyes. She worked pretty hard; he looked around at tall the filled baskets laying around the trees waiting for him to load up.

She must have really been tired to take a nap. Macintosh smiled at her, shifting his teeth to point the wheat sprig upward. It was hard to believe this many years went by so fast already. Applejack grew up so fast from an aspiring young pony looking for her place in life into a hard-working if sometimes stubborn, but strong pony. He was so proud of her. But work wouldn't get done if she stayed asleep. He nudged her with his snout. Wake up Applejack. The young pony made little noises and wiggled around under her brother's touch, her eye lids twitching and her legs stretching out across the grass.

At least I think I am…" she laughed slightly, standing up and rubbing her neck.

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She glanced over at the cart. At least Macintosh was done. It was a tradition of his to car up the first load of apples when he finished with his share of the apple trees. Macintosh nodded, smiling at her. Applejack tilted her ears and smiled back. He wasn't used to saying this many words at once. Applejack blinked, then blushed softly. He was proud of her? She knew how appreciative he was of what she did, but saying it to her?

This was the first time he ever really did that! She looked away, tilting her hat and giggling. It's just my job to help you run the business. Whether she knew it or not he liked to make her blush; she was so cute like that. Now that made her blush very hard. This was definitely something she never heard from him; Macintosh was never much of a sweet talker. What was going on? With how embarrassed she was she didn't notice the strong smell coming from him.

Big Macintosh flicked his tail up. He held his right foreleg out to her. Applejack looked at him, then realized what he wanted. She smiled at the bigger equine and went into him, pressing herself against his damp chest, which she didn't seem to notice right away, pressing herself against his chest happily. He put his foreleg over her back in a half-hug, smelling her soft and slightly sweaty blonde hair. Applejack still didn't notice her brother's scent, or the fact he was covered in sweat. She just smiled and looked up at him. Macintosh smiled back and kissed the top of her head. She sighed, feeling so safe and at ease in his embrace.

She loved her brother so much, more than anything else in the world. But, don't get me wrong though, she still loved her best friends to death, but this was her brother. Of course you would feel more close to your siblings. She nuzzled her nose into his strong chest and made the accidental mistake of inhaling deeply. She finally smelled it, the strong and slightly sour odor of his sweat and musk. Applejack coughed, pulling away and gagging slightly. Macintosh's blush couldn't be seen under his red coat.

He scratched his hoof on the ground, chuckling slightly. Holy crap, that was strong! Applejack clenched her eyes shut, the musk stinging her eyes and making them water. Oh man, this was so strong! She winced and shook her head, coughing. She opened her eyes, the scene spinning in front of her. Her mind was spinning too. What was the smell doing to her? It was so potent, so masculine. Was this…no, it couldn't be! Applejack blushed fiercely and shook her head to clear her nose and mind, correcting her blurry vision. Now that she looked at him, she could see just how sweaty Big Macintosh was.

His coat shimmered in the sunlight, sweat dripping down his strong body especially down his legs. Applejack blushed very hard. What…why was this happening? This never happened before. He nodded slightly and moved the sprig of wheat in his mouth, his heavy sweaty musk noticeable to even him now. He smelled his foreleg and got a whiff of just how strong his scent was.

I think the heat is making me smell worse I need that bath badly The stink flowed through Applejack's nostrils and into her system, stinging the insides of her nose and even deeper. What smell, was it starting to smell…good? Applejack blushed even harder and gasped slightly. It was like her brother was using pheromones on her! She was starting to feel very strange. Macintosh smiled and sighed, shifting his wheat to the other side of his mouth. Applejack gasped for air, shaking and rubbing her head. She blushed like mad, and now as she watched him disappear over the path she got the desire to follow him, watch him…"Whoa whoa Applejack!

Don't get c-carried away! Maybe some more work or apple eating would get it off her mind. Macintosh pulled the cart into the barn, detached his collar and unloaded each basket to the front corner in the same nice neat stack. He felt a little dizzy from having sweat so much from the day's labor. He sat down for a few seconds to get his breath. Some of the straw was sticking to his rear end. He reached clumsily behind his neck to unhook his work collar.

Macintosh normally wasn't seen without it on, but taking a bath would be hard with it still on him. He unhooked the clasp. The light-weight but strangely heavy wood device slid off his sweaty neck and landed on the floor of the barn with a hollow thud. He almost looked naked without it.

The short crimson fur around his neck was darker than the rest of him and matted down, dirty in some places. He absolutely reeked to the point it was making him as dizzy as it did Applejack. Poor girl, his masculine smell must have had a real effect on her. The pump had a special spigot installed on it not too long ago that gave them nice hot water without having to warm it up on their own all the time. Very useful if you needed to take a bath before going back to work or Granny Smith wanted to make one of her world-famous apple pies.

He filled up several bucketfuls and dumped them into the tub until it was a little over halfway full. He stepped up on the stepping stool positioned in front of the tub and slid into the water. Macintosh winced slightly, lifting his hooves out of the water to get used to the incredible heat. After a few minutes the red horse sat down in warm water. That hit the spot, he could feel the dirt washing off him already. Macintosh sighed heavily. With how hard she was working Applejack would need a bath too. No matter how many apples she ate or how many more trees she bucked she couldn't get the thought of her brother out of her head.

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It pervaded her thoughts until it was all she could think about. Applejack stopped her attempts after she finished bucking the next tree. She sat down hard on the grass with a soft grunt, closing her eyes and fanning herself off again, but she was still hot. Oh Big Macintosh, you big darn horse you! Applejack swiped her forehead again.

She could still smell the musk, the manly scent that made her young female body shiver. She was completely unable to get the thought of Big Macintosh's sweaty, strong body out of her head She couldn't take it anymore. She had to see him. After taking a deep breath she ran up the path towards the barn. This was wrong, so very wrong, she couldn't help herself. The musk was getting to her head even though he wasn't anywhere near her now. Once she reached the hay bank set up near the barn she slowed her pace so her hooves wouldn't make too much noise.

Applejack hid behind the many bales of hay-straw. She could hear the sounds of splashing and sloshing of water, blushing the entire time as she snuck closer to Macintosh's location. Cautiously peeking behind the hale bale she was currently behind she saw him in the bathing tub, except his head was dunked beneath the water. Suddenly as his head burst above the surface, Applejack let out a light squeak of fear and ducked behind a pile of haystraw, her heart beating like mad.

If she was caught, she couldn't just admit to him that she had been spying on him Macintosh was gasping for air, from what she heard. Applejack gulped nervously and looked around the corner again. Now he was rubbing his wet hooves into his shoulders, the dirt practically falling off his coat. He took a deep breath, not looking around so he didn't spot her. Macintosh tried his best to rub the water into his body, hooves making small circular motions as the water dripped off his strong body.

He took a breath of his almost clean scent, but he knew the odor would come back and get just as strong when he started working again. I'm so filthy Applejack nervously peeked her head out from behind the hay bank after hiding herself for a few seconds, licking her lips softly as she watched the water rolling off his red body, the muscles soaking wet. She whinnied softly when he washed his cropped tail. Then she swore she saw them because of the little protection his tail offered. She looked harder, and her eyes went wide and her face flushed greatly when she saw his large red-colored balls positioned a bit behind his powerful hind legs.

Applejack had never seen that before. Her body got even harder and she desperately wanted to get closer. Oh the sight of that male body, water running down those muscles…. Big Macintosh still hadn't noticed his sister watching him. He was too focused on getting himself clean. Why did he have so much musk? It was such a surprise it hadn't effected Applejack or even little Apple Bloom the way it was supposed to effect females; though what happened with Applejack back there made it pretty obvious he'd got away in time.

He loved his sisters more than anything, but he'd never really…thought about them like that; it always brought up that dream he had of Applejack when he was a colt. Just thinking about it now made his face go hot. Shaking his head clean of the thoughts, he stuck his tongue out as he stood up, water draining from his coat as he turned around to wash his other side, dunking his head in the water once more. Applejack shivered and ducked out of sight again, hurrying to the other side and blushing softly.

Mating with her brother… He came back above the surface and brushed the water out his face and mane, then looked down in between his legs. Because he was touching his sheath the tip of his most sensitive organ slid out to touch his hard hoof, the hot water he splashed up against it bringing even more out. Applejack saw this as clear as day and had to put her hoof over her mouth to keep in the sound that wanted to burst into the air. She was cleaning himself in his most private area. Macintosh, how could you be such a big, handsome stallion?

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Big Macintosh grit his teeth the entire time he pressed down on his sheath to get the dirt out. He bit his lip and kept his touching soft and gentle, which in turn only brought out more of his thick stallionhood than he intended. Applejack wasn't expecting to get a look at that, the length of his shaft slightly darkened all over, hanging between his thick hind legs and below his dripping stomach.

Big Mac Wins Sugar Belle's Heart (Hard to Say Anything) - MLP: FiM [HD]

Applejack lost it then, letting out an audible gasp as she watched. She couldn't help it, she just couldn't stop it from coming out. Big Macintosh's eyes widened at the sound of the gasp and his face went very red under his fur when he saw Applejack partially hidden behind the hay bale nearest him..

Applejack couldn't answer at first, blushing like mad as she stared at the malehood that was hanging from its pouch. They looked at each other, not sure what else to say. Big Macintosh didn't notice where her green orbs were fixed though. He pressed his legs slightly together, his heart rate going up. He knew it was hanging out but he didn't know that's where she was looking. Applejack just blushed like mad and came out from behind the hay, whimpering softly when his hoof went up to cover himself.

Macintosh stopped and looked at her, moving his paw away from his lower area. He stared at her, his body dripping wet and unable to hide the fact that he was blushing too, his heart beating rapidly along with hers. He wasn't sure what to do, the fact that she was staring at it didn't help with the effort he tried to make with it going back where it belonged. Applejack shivered. She couldn't take it. It was going to drive her absolutely insane. An outside force took over. She suddenly ran towards him at full gallop and in one swift movement hopped on and off the stepping stool, hopping into the tub sending up a large spray of water.

Big Macintosh coughed and shook his head, looking down at the smaller equine. Applejack didn't respond, unable to take her eyes off him, blushing and flicking her tail. Needless to say his green eyes went wide as she kissed him, a single hoof lifting out of the water. This was new, something she had never done before. He gasped, his heart suddenly pounding harder like it was trying to force itself out of his chest.

A kiss with his sister. He told himself to pull away, to scold her carefully about this, but as the seconds passed the same force that made her dive into the tub and decrease the level by almost half made him just close his eyes, and press back softly with his mouth. Applejack saw his closed eyes and blushed again, having done it so many times this warm afternoon. Was he liking it? That would be the only explanation for his closing of them as well as the added push he gave, a clear sign he was kissing her back. Was it happening? Big McIntosh is an exceptional farm worker due to his strength and physical stamina.

He and Applejack perform all the heavy-duty work on the farm because Granny Smith and Apple Bloom are too old and young, respectively. Farm work entails bucking apple trees, moving hay bales, plowing through soil, pulling loaded wagons, and making their famous apple cider. Big McIntosh is asked by Apple Bloom in Hearts and Hooves Day to come and fix a gazebo, in an attempt to arrange a romantic picnic between him and Cheerilee; he arrives carrying a toolbox, but doesn't get a chance to work on the gazebo since there's nothing wrong with it.

Big Mac assists Pinkie Pie in fixing the bridge in It's About Time as they work together to tighten the nuts along the bridge supports. He also reinstalls the side panel of the dessert car on the train to Canterlot in MMMystery on the Friendship Express , as the side panel needed to be removed in order to get the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness cake on board the train.

Big McIntosh displays unusual physical strength in Hearts and Hooves Day when he drags two oxen and a cart of anvils and then a house, all without much signs of exertion, with the intent of seeing his magic-poison-induced sweetheart, Cheerilee. His stamina is also pushed to its limit when he spends an entire hour running non-stop on a treadmill to power the Apple Family's cider press in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy Big McIntosh apparently applebucks with only one hoof in Hearts and Hooves Day, however, he does not manage to remove every apple from the tree; whereas Applejack makes every apple fall off in a single, two-hooved buck.

Big Mac has a deep bass singing voice, which is first heard when singing Apples to the Core. He is also the bass singer for the Pony Tones. Big McIntosh first appears walking through town as Twilight lands in Ponyville in episode one. Later, he briefly appears at the Apple family reunion, holding a small, green apple cupcake.

Although he is mentioned by name and referred to in following episodes, he does not speak until Applebuck Season. His first Season two appearance is in The Return of Harmony, part 2. After Discord takes over Ponyville, Big McIntosh behaves like a dog, burrowing in the soil and panting. Big McIntosh is featured in the episode itself when Twilight Sparkle slams into him after attempting to break up a fight she started between the Cutie Mark Crusaders. He retrieves Smarty Pants from the fillies, but falls in love with it himself and runs away with it.

The spell attracts dozens of ponies and they fight over the doll until Princess Celestia intervenes and removes the spell. Once the commotion has died down, Big McIntosh checks if the coast is clear and runs off with it again, neighing with joy. At the beginning of Luna Eclipsed , he is pulling several ponies in a cart. He is dressed up in his Nightmare Night costume; namely, a black top hat and cape with a white skull-shaped apple on it.

In Sisterhooves Social , he assists Granny Smith as the race announcer by whispering the correct words in her ear when she makes a mistake. He cures Granny Smith's sudden Charley horse with a gentle knock to her hip. However, he does not comment on his sister's new cutie marks, simply smiling and echoing Applejack's joyful exclamations with an "eeyup" or "nnnope". In Family Appreciation Day , he prepares for the zap apple harvest with Applejack.

He speaks a partial sentence at the beginning of the episode when he, Applejack, and Apple Bloom cheer in unison that the zap apples are coming. However, they accidentally make love poison , which has overly powerful effects. The poison eventually wears off and Big McIntosh and Cheerilee play out an attraction towards one another to fool the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

In this episode, he has a very extensive speaking role, though most of what he says are nonsensical terms of affection. When Twilight walks by to inspect their work, he says "eeyup", accidentally letting go of the rope. He briefly appears in one of the Foal Free Press prints in Ponyville Confidential , concealing the Smarty Pants doll that he collected in Lesson Zero , before appearing with Applejack later in the episode.

The two engage in some character reversal in the latter: Applejack speaks with Big McIntosh's general "eeyup"s and "nope"s, while Big Mac scolds Apple Bloom and her friends for the trouble they caused. However, the cake is so heavy that even he needs the help of the Mane Six. In Magic Duel , he appears, disguised as a gender-switched Applejack, as part of Twilight's plan to remove the Alicorn Amulet from Trixie.

human big mac

In this appearance, he is voiced by Ashleigh Ball and named "Male Applejack" in the credits. In Apple Family Reunion , he appears alongside the rest of his family. During the reunion, he sneaks an apple fritter, whistling nonchalantly when Applejack glares at him. He makes a brief cameo in Keep Calm and Flutter On , flailing around the flooded Sweet Apple Acres in an apple basket, and an even briefer appearance in Just for Sidekicks , walking out of shot with Cheerilee, a reference to Hearts and Hooves Day.

He makes another brief appearance in Magical Mystery Cure , pulling Applejack in a cart while she plants some seeds.