Where does microsoft word autosave documents mac

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  1. 3 Ways | How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac - EaseUS
  2. Prospect of Word File Recovery on Mac
  3. How do I retrieve an unsaved word file on a mac - using mac office 2011?

I used ufly soft data recovery and found it! A little pricey but worth it!!!! Here's the link: Page content loaded.

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3 Ways | How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac - EaseUS

Jul 1, 7: If the document was not saved you can not "recover" it. It was not saved anywhere so it is no where to be recovered from. Jul 2, 1: Aug 12, 4: Price you pay for not saving Office files on a regular basis. AFAIK, you can set an autosave interval:. Mar 27, 9: Jul 27, 8: Many thanks, msw! I took your advice and paid the big bucks worth it to me for "uFlysoft," and it worked. I am most relieved, because I had DAYS of work into a highly technical report that must get published in a few weeks, and I thought it lost forever. I lost it by reopening my MacBook Air late last night and closing a few Word docs just to get them out of the way.

All I had left was the name of the doc, but not one scrap of my new work. I tell this story as a cautionary tale. Good luck to you and all readers here. Aug 30, 5: Just thought I should warn people this looks a lot like a scam. Nov 4, 8: Nov 9, 6: Thanks jcmckinn. This was so helpful and it worked! I was able to recover a paper I was 3 hours into writing that auto recovery did not have. Thank you for posting! Nov 22, 5: Nov 28, 4: I have been working on my project for days and somehow it vanished!

Your step by step explanation worked perfectly! Dec 6, Thanks jcmckinn!! Thought i'd lost all my owrk but your step by step guide recovered all my work.

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You can: Don't delete anything! However, the chances of finding anything useful are remote.

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To avoid losing data in the future, save your files as soon as you create them. This functionality is not currently offered by Word, where the only AutoSave available is your fingers. F or Lion's AutoSave to kick in, you first need to save the document. If a document contains unsaved changes and you attempt to close it, Word will ask you to save changes.

Prospect of Word File Recovery on Mac

After you quit normally, these files disappear. Sometimes Word leaves AutoRecover files behind. Just in case, check this folder: If you are successful, immediately do a Save As. This is a Word feature that keeps a copy of the saved file, although one version behind this file is named "Backup of If you leave the feature permanently on, within a couple of days you'll be finding "Backups of Despite that, it's the best choice, particularly when working in large documents that you cannot afford to lose.

How do I retrieve an unsaved word file on a mac - using mac office 2011?

However, you still must do manual saves and no save means no backup. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.